Enjoy the diverse cultural cuisines of North York and Toronto from a number of food vendors including:


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At Pizza CAFÉ our products are freshly prepared on a daily basis which allows us to provide our customers with fresh great tasting products.


Mustache Burger

Mustache Burger is bringing real gourmet burgers to the streets of Toronto. Burgers are made fresh each day with ground steak. The burger may be the star but Mustache Burger is also serving up classics like poutine, hot dogs and even fish and chips.


Via Kitchenette

Located at 363 Wilson Avenue, Via Kitchenette will be at the festival serving delicious Filipino food.


The Sauce Shack Inc.

We sell speciality hot sauces, wing sauces, bbq sauces, rubs, seasonings, coffees, spicy snacks and gift sets.



Homeward Bound Cafe

A family owned and run mobile fundraising café based in Toronto that helps support non-profits, charities and individuals in the neighbourhood.



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GTA Softee Logo